ReCycle on USA Made Men's TeePictured in Olive
ReCycle on USA Made Men's Tee
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ReCycle on USA Made Men's Tee


A cycling twist on a familiar message to recycle.

Design printed using eco-friendly non-PVC inks on our soft organic cotton Made in the USA T-shirt.

Item Number: 6430-262

Fabric: 100% organic cotton jersey

earth creations - 6430-262 ReCycle on USA Made Men's Tee - 100% organic cotton jersey - Made in the U.S.A - UPF 50+

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 earth creations size Style 640 From To
 Small  in. 34 36
 cm. 86 91
 Medium  in. 38 40
 cm. 97 102
 in. 42 44
 cm. 107 112
 X-Large  in. 46 48
 cm. 117 122
 XX-Large  in. 50 52
 cm. 127 132